The New 12-sided One Pound Coin

The Royal Mint has revealed the new high-tech 12-sided British one pound (£1) coin. The coin is made of two metals. The gold-colored outer ring is made of nickel-brass, while the silver inner ring is made of nickel-plated alloy. The old coin is made of nickel-brass and is all gold-colored. The mint claims that one… Continue reading The New 12-sided One Pound Coin

The New Five Pound Note Plays Records

The new British polymer five pound notes have the ability to play vinyl records. A video posted on YouTube by Michael Ridge has shown he was able to play a song for ABBA – Money, Money, Money on his record player using the new five pound note as a needle.

The New Australian Five Dollar Banknote

The Reserve Bank of Australia has released a new five dollar banknote into circulation, with new features designed to make them harder to forge and easier for vision impaired to use. The note also comes with a number of features, such as a translucent mid-section, a bird flapping its wings and text changing color as… Continue reading The New Australian Five Dollar Banknote

Photographer Matches Historical Sites with Banknotes

Photographer Beshoy Fayez visited historical sites and mosques in Egypt to match them with banknotes. Fayez goes by folding each Egyptian banknote of all categories in front of the buildings and takes a photograph to create a collection of beautiful images. Fayez shared his images on the plenty of interest in social networking sites like Facebook and Instagram.

New Kuwaiti Money Finally Here

The new Kuwaiti money started circulating on June 29, 2014, and are now available through bank machines allover Kuwait. Almost everyone wanted to get a hold of the new colorful banknotes. However, in some places like small stores and gas stations, workers are not notified by their company to accept the new currency, In fact, they were rejected because they thought it was… Continue reading New Kuwaiti Money Finally Here

CBK Unveils the New Kuwaiti Currency

The Central Bank of Kuwait unveiled the new sixth issue of Kuwaiti banknotes on Monday, May 19, 2014. The bank announced that the new issue will be in circulation from June 29, 2014. As previously posted, the new banknotes will replace traditional paper notes with the plastic polymer €“polymer material”, which can survive heat, humidity… Continue reading CBK Unveils the New Kuwaiti Currency

Kuwait New Plastic Cash

Kuwait is planning to replace traditional paper notes with the plastic notes “polymer material”, which can survive heat, humidity and dust. While The Bank of England is still skeptical, four months ago (June 11th), the central bank of Kuwait made a contract with De La Rue to print the new currency, taking into consideration aesthetic and security criteria by providing the… Continue reading Kuwait New Plastic Cash

Bank of England Unveils Plans for Plastic Cash

England might soon join Vietnam, Romania and Canada with its plan to introduce plastic banknotes. The Bank of England is considering replacing paper money with polymer banknotes which are billed as cleaner, stronger and more secure. The new plastic cash will be smaller than the current £5 and £10 notes and will be the biggest change to Britain’s currency for… Continue reading Bank of England Unveils Plans for Plastic Cash