Germany’s Largest-Ever Baby Born Without C-section

Jasleen the giant baby, weighs 6.11kg (13lb 8oz) and measures 57.5 cm (23in) long. According to Daily Mail, the mother gave birth to Jasleen naturally, without the aid of C-Section, at the University Hospital in Leipzig. Doctors discovered that the mother was suffering from undiagnosed gestational diabetes which can cause abnormally big babies. Germany’s heaviest newborn outbumps a 5.89kg (13-pound) boy named… Continue reading Germany’s Largest-Ever Baby Born Without C-section

Floppy Disk Coffee Table

Floppy Table is a unique retro piece of furniture designed by a Berlin-based designers Axel van Exel and Marian Neulant. The coffee table is created to resemble a classic 3.5″ floppy disk. The table is made out of welded hot rolled steel and stainless steel, it comes with a secret compartment that can be accessed by pushing… Continue reading Floppy Disk Coffee Table

Berlin Festival of Lights 2011

Festival of Lights celebrates its seventh year in Berlin. Each year in October the German capital becomes the public attraction for millions of visitors. Designers from allover the world have put the spotlight on the city’s numerous landmarks and monuments, with spectacle of lights and color. The festival starts from 12th to 23th of October and… Continue reading Berlin Festival of Lights 2011