One Man Orchestra

YouTuber Ben Morfitts filmed himself playing every part in a 70-piece orchestra. Every single instrument you see in the video clip below is actually being played by one man. Ben shot and edited the three-minute piece using CGI software to create the illusion of a 70-man orchestra, over the course of a month. Watch the… Continue reading One Man Orchestra

NBC News Anchor Brian Williams Sings ‘Baby Got Back’

Jimmy Fallon from “The Tonight Show” plays a mashup of NBC News anchor Brian Williams sings the 1992 song “Baby Got Back” by Sir Mix-a-Lot. There have been a few videos of Brian singing different songs, but this one really tops them all. Check out the video below.

Sad Remix of Pharrell Williams Song ‘Happy’

Yoann Lemoine “Woodkid” created a remix of the hit song “Happy” by Pharrell Williams. The French musician uploaded the sad version of the song on YouTube here.

Pharrell Williams Gives a Shout Out to His Fans in Kuwait

In celebration of the International Day Of Happiness on March 20, Pharrell Williams gives a shout out to Kuwait after creating the “Happy Kuwait video“. Watch Pharrell’s video below.

Kuwait is Clapping Along to Pharrell’s ‘Happy’ Song

An awesome remake of Pharrell Williams uplifting video hit single “Happy“, featuring ordinary people dancing and singing along to the track in various places around Kuwait. Watch the video below.