Brazilian Bodybuilder With 29-Inch Biceps

Arlindo de Souza has grown a 29 Inch biceps – the biggest in Brazil – after injecting a cocktail of mineral Oil and Alcohol into his arms. The 43-year-old’s Brazilian bodybuilder injected himself with the mixture for two months two years ago to make him the king of his competitive local gym in Olinda, Brazil. But using it can be incredibly… Continue reading Brazilian Bodybuilder With 29-Inch Biceps

Woman With the Giant Leg

38-year-old Mandy Sellars suffers from an extremely rare condition, which made her legs and feet three times their normal size. She even had her massive left leg amputated after it became infected with septicaemia. But the stump soon started growing again and within three years measured a meter in circumference and weighed 3stone. Mandy has now been told it has… Continue reading Woman With the Giant Leg

Possibly The Biggest Chicken Egg in the World

Sean Wilson filmed himself while breaking What could be the biggest egg in the world, it weighs 177 g (6.25 ounces) and it is visibly larger than regular ones. During the filming of the video, Sean found another surprise when he cracked open the monster egg, he expected to find at least 2 yolks, but ended up discovering… Continue reading Possibly The Biggest Chicken Egg in the World

Egyptian Bodybuilder with 31-Inch Biceps

Egyptian bodybuilder Moustafa Ismail (age 24), poses for a photo showing off his obscenely-large biceps, measuring 31 inches around. Moustafa have been crowned the biggest biceps in the world, earning a place in Guinness Book of World Records. via: Huffington Post

World’s Biggest McDonald’s in London

The world biggest McDonald’s restaurant is getting ready for the Olympic Games in London next month. It’s located in Stratford, east London just 900 feet away from Olympic Stadium. The fast food chain is expected to sell 50,000 Big Macs and 180,000 portions of fries while serving an average of 1,200 customers per hour during its busiest times. The restaurant… Continue reading World’s Biggest McDonald’s in London