A Seagull Steals a Tourist GoPro Camera

A seagull steals a GoPro camera and flies away at Cíes Islands, Spain. The German tourist Martin Lozano had set the camera down on a ledge to capture some shots of the sneaky bird as it preened itself. In the video below, the bird lurks close by, keeping a curious eye on Lozano and then suddenly… Continue reading A Seagull Steals a Tourist GoPro Camera

Lazy Crow Takes a Free Ride on Top a Bald Eagle

Photographer Phoo Chan has captured some remarkable photos of a fearless crow hitching a ride on the back of a bald eagle in mid-air at Seabeck, Washington. The predator looks like it didn’t care and carried on as if nothing had happened. The incident only lasted a few seconds before the birds parted and went their separate ways.

Lufthansa to Allow Falcons Aboard Flights

German airline Lufthansa announced that in the coming months falcons are to be allowed in the cabin during flights in a specially designed “Falcon Master” tray. “The Falcon Master ensures maximum hygienic protection of the cabin walls, seats and carpets from soiling by the birds,” the airline said in a statement. Falcons are already permitted on… Continue reading Lufthansa to Allow Falcons Aboard Flights

Osprey: The Ultimate Fisher

I found this amazing video clip on Youtube of an osprey catching fish. Its interesting the way this bird hover before diving into the water to catch their prey, dramatically plunges down feet first to snatch fish from the water’s surface. A shake of the head as it emerges from the water; the osprey carries… Continue reading Osprey: The Ultimate Fisher