A Portrait Drawn By Hand with 1 Million Ink Dots

French artist David Bayo created a beautifully shaded portrait using his rotring rapidograph technical pen to place a seemingly endless flow of tiny dots. The portrait took nearly 90 hours to complete, with 1 million ink dots. Watch the video below.

Incredible Then-and-Now Journey Through Portland

Uncage the Soul Productions created an incredible short film that illustrate the journey from Portland’s past to present. The production company sorted through more than¬†5000 black and white photos in the process to complete this beautiful project. The film shows historic photos of Portland, Oregon shot 100 years ago blended¬†with¬†present photos, revealing the changes of… Continue reading Incredible Then-and-Now Journey Through Portland

Man of Steel Restored in Color

VideoLab posted a video that showcases what DC Comics superhero film Man of Steel would have looked like with the natural color and brightness. Watch the two clips of the original movie with the digitally altered version in the video below.

Incredible Film of London Life Goes Back to 1890

Yestervid posted a video of the very early film footage of London, including a modern shots of the same location today. Also features maps carefully researched to show where the camera was. Arranged by location, 46 shots of classic footage with a twist and an inspiring soundtrack.

Colorized Photo: Lady in Red

This image looks like¬†a black and white modern day photo with¬†color splash effect. It’s¬†a high resolution¬†vintage photo¬†taken by¬†Stanley Kubrick¬†in the¬†1940s in New York City.¬†Although Stanley¬†has a verity of photos to choose from, I find this photo very¬†mysterious with a¬†great sense of style and class to it. My first approach was to paint the whole image,… Continue reading Colorized Photo: Lady in Red

London to Brighton Train Ride Over 60 Years

A train journey from London to Brighton, filmed by the BBC, comparing three rides throughout the years. The fantastic time-lapse video shows the same exact train ride filmed in 1953, 1983 and 2013, to reveal the difference of 60 years, to see how much has changed. Check out all three journeys side by side in the video below.

Portraits of 4 Sisters Taken Every Year For 36 Years

In 1975, photographer Nicholas Nixon took a portrait of his wife bebe and her 3 sisters, Heather, Mimi and Laurie. They came up with an idea to make it an annual tradition and since then, the Brown sisters had their picture taken every year till 2010. Their pictures reminded me of the California lake friends portraits. via: Laughing Squid