Ascia: Why is she so popular?

Well, you have all seen Ascia or heard about her, the girl that started that Turban Hijab style! The fashion DIVA that got so famous for simply being different! She’s a stylist, a blogger and has over 280k followers on Instagram, why do you guys think so? Is it really because people love to read her blog and because… Continue reading Ascia: Why is she so popular?

Hello Everybody!

Hello to all the beautiful Q8 ALL IN ONE Blog readers 🙂 I’m super excited to start my journey with all of you and I’m honored that I was chosen to join the q8 all in one blog team. As you all know I have a blog that is totally different then other blogs in… Continue reading Hello Everybody!

Introducing a New Team Member

It’s a great pleasure to introduce a new member to the blog’s panel of authors. I can’t tell you how great it makes me feel to have her here. Her name is Amani Al-Kandari and she is a very talented blogger with a vibrant personality. She also has an awesome blog called Blessed with Two where she blogs about her… Continue reading Introducing a New Team Member

Don’t Steal My Post!

I don’t have to be old at blogging (which I’m not) to post about something like this, but either way this still has to come out because this is a serious concern to a lot of people out there. Most bloggers have experienced this at one time or another, they post about an important topic only to discover… Continue reading Don’t Steal My Post!