Ascia: Why is she so popular?

Well, you have all seen Ascia or heard about her, the girl that started that Turban Hijab style! The fashion DIVA that got so famous for simply being different! She’s a stylist, a blogger and has over 280k followers on Instagram, why do you guys think so? Is it really because people love to read her blog and because… Continue reading Ascia: Why is she so popular?

Hello Everybody!

Hello to all the beautiful Q8 ALL IN ONE Blog readers 🙂 I’m super excited to start my journey with all of you and I’m honored that I was chosen to join the q8 all in one blog team. As you all know I have a blog that is totally different then other blogs in… Continue reading Hello Everybody!

My New Profile Page on Instagram

You probably noticed that Instagram launched new web based profile pages last week. Looking at my blogs new profile page, I couldn’t help but notice how nice and neat the page looks and the ability to browse through the past photos from my web browser. You can also comment, like a photo or even follow users from the… Continue reading My New Profile Page on Instagram

RamadanBuzz: Web and Social Channel

RamadanBuzz is a new online social channel that posts about the recent news in Holy Ramadan 2012. By provides the latest events happening in Kuwait, deals, exhibitions & much much more . You can also share all your activities, promotions, participation and the good will initiatives for the needy in Kuwait. Website: Twitter: @ramadanbuzz

I’ve Been Tagged

I’ve been tagged to answer 11 questions by my fellow blogger Mohamed from Q8 Blend, then I have to create 11 questions of my own and tag other bloggers to answer my questions. Well, here we go. 1- Name one thing you are addicted to ( Hope its not drugs :p) ? – What if… Continue reading I’ve Been Tagged