2017 BMW i3

A new, extended-range model of the BMW i3 is now available to accompany you on your daily journey. With its second BMW i3 model, BMW i increases the range by 50% compared to its predecessor for even more electric driving pleasure. The new BMW i3 (94 Ah) features an extended battery capacity of 94 ampere… Continue reading 2017 BMW i3

BMW Self Driving Vision 100 Concept Car

BMW celebrated its 100th birthday by unveiling their newest concept car, the BMW VISION NEXT 100. The car includes digital intelligence and self-driving capabilities, “Aive Geometry” that enables intuitive driver-vehicle interaction, and futuristic materials. Drivers decide how they want to travel in future according to their needs: fully-automated driving with the opportunity to relax, work… Continue reading BMW Self Driving Vision 100 Concept Car

BMW Unveils i3 Electric Car

BMW launched the i3, aka Mega City Vehicle (MCV), 5-door electric car that uses carbon fiber materials to keep the weight down and improve driving performance. The 170-horsepower electric motor goes from zero to 100 kph (62 mph) in 7.2 seconds. Models with an optional range extender gas engine can go as 320 Kilometers (200 miles). The BMW i3 is… Continue reading BMW Unveils i3 Electric Car