Timeless Dreams

Photographer Julian Tryba and Michael Sutton have been working on a new time-lapse technique called “layer-lapse.” By showing different regions of a scene at different points in time, a layer lapse takes us through a trippy, psychedelic visual ride. In the video below, both photographer have traveled through Utah, Arizona, Nevada, and California to capture… Continue reading Timeless Dreams

A Time-Lapse Video of Snowfall In Boston

Boston University, a Ph.D. student Alyssa Pierson captured an amazing time-lapse video of Winter Storm Juno dumping between 23 and 24 inches of snow in Somerville northwest of Boston, Massachusetts on the night of January 26, 2015. Pierson shot the video on her GoPro Hero 4 camera, with still images being taken every 30 seconds,… Continue reading A Time-Lapse Video of Snowfall In Boston

Stunning Time-Lapse Video of Boston

An incredible new layered time-lapse video of Boston created by photographer Julian Tryba which was shot as a single scene at different times and different speeds. Boston Layer-Lapse is a project that took 100 hours to shoot with 150,000 photos (6 terabytes each) and was created for Kessler University which hosts the video content.

Split Colored Lobster

A lobster with an orange side and a black side, perfectly split down the middle was caught by a Massachusetts fisherman last week in Beverly, a seaside community 20 miles northeast of Boston. The odd coloration is extremely rare. Officials estimate it occurs once in every 50 million lobsters. via: MSN News