Mantis Shrimp Powerful Punch in Slow Motion

In the latest episode of Smarter Every Day, Destin goes to James Cook University in Queensland, Australia, to watch a Mantis Shrimp powerful punch in action and how it can smash a glass test-tube containing a crab. The peacock mantis shrimp can swing its club-like appendages so fast, the acceleration is comparable to that of a bullet exiting the muzzle of a gun. Watch the Mantis Shrimp… Continue reading Mantis Shrimp Powerful Punch in Slow Motion

Watch Boxer Gets His Face Rearranged in Slow Motion

The most beautiful slow-motion punch faces you will ever see. Giovanni Lorenzo gets hit on one side of the head by Danny Jacobs, looks the other way just in time to see another punch coming and then hits the canvas face-first. Watch Lorenzo’s face get rearranged in an extreme slow motion video below.