LEGO Hair Bicycle Helmet

Simon Higby of DDB Stockholm and Clara Prior of DDB Copenhagen, teamed up with Danish development company MOEF to design a prototype bicycle helmet inspired by Lego and Playmobil plastic, toy hair pieces. The project was created to get more kids to wear bike helmets voluntarily. Watch the video below.

Human Head Helmets

Dubai-based digital designer Jyo John Mullor has created a series of custom-made motorcycle helmets that looks like shaved heads. The design project has received lots of appreciations from people around the world. Some manufactures have even shown interest in launching a line of helmets under this design umbrella. via: Designboom

The Hövding: A Second-Generation Inflatable Bike Helmet

Swedish company¬†H√∂vding¬†has created the¬†second-generation¬†inflatable¬†bike helmet for cyclists with an¬†active motion sensors to detect impact¬†that deploys in 0.1 seconds. The airbag quickly surrounds¬†the area around the neck and head,¬†offering more coverage than a traditional helmet. The helmet was first introduced in 2012, and the new version features a microUSB-rechargeable that¬†lasts around 18 hours of cycling. The… Continue reading The H√∂vding: A Second-Generation Inflatable Bike Helmet

Minipresso: Hand-Powered Portable Espresso Maker

Minipresso is a unique handheld portable espresso maker that makes hot drinks instantly. Unlike other portable coffee systems, the Minipresso doesn‚Äôt use batteries or a plug and instead relies on users pumping the device to brew the coffee to their liking. It uses coffee grounds or capsules along with precisely 68ml (2.4 ounces) of hot… Continue reading Minipresso: Hand-Powered Portable Espresso Maker

Naomi: A Brilliant Spring-Based Nutcracker

Naomi¬†is a brilliantly designed nutcracker that uses a spring to simply¬†crack the nuts inside of it,¬†by pulling back the handle and letting go. The Naomi Nutcracker¬†is¬†created by Take2 Design in Germany and can¬†be purchased online at the Red Dot Shop for a price of¬†‚ā¨19.90. Watch the video below¬†to learn more about this innovative product. via:… Continue reading Naomi: A Brilliant Spring-Based Nutcracker

Excavator Pushing a Truck To The Nearest Gas Station

A excavator operator in Turkey came up with a clever way to power a truck after it ran out of fuel. The excavator was pushing the truck down the road to get to the nearest gas station while being on top the trailer. Watch the video in action.

Honda’s New Optical Illusion Commercial

A clever and brilliant Honda commercial for the fuel-efficient CR-V 1.6 driving through a series of optical illusions. The idea behind this commercial is making the impossible possible by offering a big-car experience with small-car economy. Watch the video below.

Velopresso: Espresso Vending Tricycle

Velopresso is an innovative coffee vending tricycle¬†that is fully self-contained and¬†requires no electricity to operate, designed by Lasse Oiva and Amos Field Reid. Its created from the ground up around a custom rear-steer tricycle, a unique pedal-driven grinder, and a robust gas-fired lever espresso machine. The UK-manufactured production model will be available for pre-order in… Continue reading Velopresso: Espresso Vending Tricycle