Google Modular Android Smartphone

Project Ara by Google is a new modular computing platform, that allows you to customize your own smartphone, for style and function. Choose your high-res camera, add a louder speaker, swap in a better battery. Imagine the possibilities. Google is releasing a developer kit with device later this fall, and a consumer version will launch in 2017. Watch the video below.

Fairphone 2: Modular Android Smartphone

Fairphone 2 is the second-generation modular smartphone that is more durable and easier to repair. Users will have the chance to keep their smartphone running for years, giving them the ability to upgrade and repair their phones without replacing the entire thing. Enabling owners to easily swap out older components, like the processor, battery, storage, camera,… Continue reading Fairphone 2: Modular Android Smartphone

Nexpaq: The First Modular Smartphone Case

The Nexpaq is a swappable plug-and-play modular smartphone case, each providing a single function such as an extra battery, additional flash storage, SD card reader, amplified speaker, and more. Nexpaq allows you to easily customize, enhance, and add features to your smartphone through the case. Simply add and remove physical “modules” directly from the back of your case… Continue reading Nexpaq: The First Modular Smartphone Case

Motorola Project Ara

If you remember back in September I posted about a innovative design idea called Phonebloks, which can let users customize their own smartphone. Well, it turns out Motorola is working on a very similar device. Watch the video below.

Phonebloks: A Customizable Smartphone

Designer Dave Hakkens, from The Netherlands, has come up with an idea that could keep us all on the cutting edge of technology. It’s a concept phone called Phonebloks, a modular smartphone that can be easily upgraded by the users. The smartphone is made up of high-tech replaceable blocks, each of which lends a specific functionality… Continue reading Phonebloks: A Customizable Smartphone