Transit Elevated Bus Test Drive in China

China has tests the first-ever elevated transit bus, called TEB-1 that rides above traffic. The elevated bus is about 21.3 meters (70 feet) long and could transport up to 1,400 passengers. The futuristic transit bus runs on electricity and solar power, which goes up to 60km/h (37mph). Watch the video below.

Elevated Bus Designed to Drive Over Traffic Jams

A Chinese company has unveiled an amazing futuristic designs of an elevated bus capable of providing a solution to traffic jams. The vehicle, known as the Transit Elevated Bus, will carry passengers from one station to another,Ā and isĀ able to glide over cars on the road. The bus model was on display at 2016 China Beijing… Continue reading Elevated Bus Designed to Drive Over Traffic Jams

Duracell Bus Stop Heater

Duracell CanadaĀ hasĀ built aĀ bus stop heatersĀ around the country in order to help people with the chilly conditions.Ā The heating element on the roof will only work if passengers put their hands on both pads on each sides while holding handsĀ to create a circuitĀ to trigger the header.Ā This is a smart idea and an awesome marketing campaign. Watch the… Continue reading Duracell Bus Stop Heater