VHS Camcorder App

VHS Camcorder App shoots videos that look and sound like an old videotape that have been shot by an old school video camera from the 80’s or mid 90’s. With a real-time effect preview, you can degrade the picture at precisely the right moment by dragging your finger around the screen or by shaking your device. The VHS… Continue reading VHS Camcorder App

Canon Video Camera with 4 Million Max ISO

Canon has introduced the first multi-purpose camera, the new ME20F-SH, which delivers exceptionally high sensitivity to capture Full HD video (35mm full-frame CMOS sensor – single, effective pixel count: approx. 2.26 million pixels) at maximum 75 dB gain setting, equivalent to an ISO sensitivity of over 4,000,000. The new camera has ability to capture color… Continue reading Canon Video Camera with 4 Million Max ISO

Zeal iON HD Camera Goggle

A Colorado-based company called ZEAL Optics has develop the Zeal iON HD Camera Goggle. Its a pair of goggles with integrated HD camcorder, capable of capturing 1080p video, letting you review your shots via an in-goggle viewfinder. The ZEAL iON HD puts the 8 MP camera right between your eyes with 170-degree wide-angle lens. The goggle offers an anti-fog high-density UV optics and an… Continue reading Zeal iON HD Camera Goggle

Sony Handycam Double Full HD 3D camcorder

The Sony Handycam HDR-TD10 3D Camcorder utilizes two Full HD sensors for capturing true 1920×1080 3D video delivering an immersive 3D experience, as well as Full HD 2D video. View 3D and 2D videos directly on its generous 3.5″ Xtra Fine LCD™ display–no special glasses required. Watch all 3D video in 2D as well. Also… Continue reading Sony Handycam Double Full HD 3D camcorder