FlashTorch Mini: A Flashlight That Can Set Things On Fire

FlashTorch Mini is a powerful flashlight that can be used to start a fire or even cook breakfast. It’s capable of producing an incredible 2300 lumens of intense white light. The 18650 mAh battery is good for 10-40 minutes of use per charge depending on the power setting, measuring in at just over 8.5 inches.… Continue reading FlashTorch Mini: A Flashlight That Can Set Things On Fire

Road Shower 2: Rack Mounted Solar Shower

Road Shower 2 is a solar heated pressurized shower that can be mounted on your vehicle roof. The powder-coated aluminum tank easily mounts on most rack systems and holds up to 5 gallons of water and has enough pressure to get the job done, whether it is rinsing off your gear, or washing your hair.… Continue reading Road Shower 2: Rack Mounted Solar Shower

Sparky: A Fire Starter

The ‘Sparky‘ is a quick and easy to use fire starter. It uses two AAA batteries and a copper tip to deliver up to 3.5V of electricity, perfect for starting a campfire on your next trip. Sparky includes a twist cap, clip and is available with a tough lightweight Aluminum body or Copper body. The clip is secured… Continue reading Sparky: A Fire Starter

Motoped Survival Bike

The Motoped Survival Bike is a Black Ops edition motorized mountain bicycle powered by a 4-stroke engine which is outfitted with downhill mountain bike suspension, components and brakes. The company has equipped the chassis with survival gears which features extra gas storage, LED lighting system, a shovel, knives, tools, climbing equipment, and a multitool. Pricing on the Black Ops model has… Continue reading Motoped Survival Bike