Woman Snaps A Selfie With A Squirrel

Stacey Wallace, 28, from Vancouver found herself with an unusual photo opportunity when a ground squirrel popped out of its hole in search of nuts at British Columbia’s Manning Park. She lay out on the ground metres away from the squirrel and slowly crawled towards him to capture the perfect ‘selfie’. via: NY Daily News

Glacier Skywalk: Stunning Cliff-edge Walkway

Located at the heart of the Canadian Rockies, the Glacier Skywalk opened in Jasper National Park, Thursday, May 1st. The $21 million glass platform observation deck, hanging 35 metres out from the cliff-edge and 280 metres over the Sunwapta Valley. An adult ticket for the Skywalk costs $24.95, and a child ticket is $12.50. Children under five… Continue reading Glacier Skywalk: Stunning Cliff-edge Walkway

Duracell Bus Stop Heater

Duracell Canada has built a bus stop heaters around the country in order to help people with the chilly conditions. The heating element on the roof will only work if passengers put their hands on both pads on each sides while holding hands to create a circuit to trigger the header. This is a smart idea and an awesome marketing campaign. Watch the… Continue reading Duracell Bus Stop Heater

Pick Up Truck Made Out of Ice

Canadian Tire built a truck made of 11 000 pounds of ice to prove how well their MotoMaster Eliminator Ultra Automotive Battery with AGM Technology can hold up in the cold. A team of ice sculptors from Ontario carved the truck completed with license plates, head lights, rear view mirror, and pine tree-shaped air freshener around the frame of… Continue reading Pick Up Truck Made Out of Ice

PaperTab: Flexible E-Paper Tablet

The PaperTab is a flexible e-paper tablet, developed by researchers at the Human Media Lab at Queen’s University in Ontario, Canada, which looks and feels just like a sheet of paper. The PaperTab features a flexible, high-resolution 10.7-inch plastic touchscreen display built by Plastic Logic, the company borne from Cambridge University’s Cavendish Laboratory, and relies on a… Continue reading PaperTab: Flexible E-Paper Tablet