Golden Eagle Tries to Snatch Up a Baby

Over sixteen million people had watched the YouTube clip, showing a Golden Eagle snatching up a baby from a park in Montreal, Canada. An animation students admit the YouTube video of the Golden Eagle snatching baby was fake. According to Mirror, university in Montreal released a statement, admitting it was the work of three of their students. Watch the… Continue reading Golden Eagle Tries to Snatch Up a Baby

Pizza Hut Perfume

You can now smell like Pizza! And I am not kidding when I tell you that Pizza Hut Canada has released “Eau de Pizza Hut,” a limited-edition perfume. The Canadian subsidiary of the Dallas-based pizza chain selected the 110 from more than 1,000 responses to a social media-based promotional campaign. The promotion was to mark Pizza… Continue reading Pizza Hut Perfume

Interactive Cloud Made With 6,000 Bulbs

An art installation created by Canadian artist Caitlind r.c. Brown made from over 1,000 working light bulbs on pull chains and some 5,000 burnt-out bulbs. Visitors can interact with light installation by pulling the chains turning some lights on or off, creating a flickering aesthetic of an electrical cloud. The cloud structure was part of the nuit blanche all-night contemporary arts festival in Calgary, canada. Check out the video below. via: Dvice

The World’s Largest QR Code

A family in Canada has claimed a Guinness World Record for growing the world’s largest QR code in their corn field. It spans 29,000 square meters and can be scanned with a smart phone, just like any other, except one needs to fly over it to decode the data. The QR code directs you to… Continue reading The World’s Largest QR Code

Behind The Scenes At McDonald’s Photo Shoot

McDonald’s Canada takes a new approach in marketing by directly answering the customers questions about its products. Hope Bagozzi, director of marketing for McDonald’s in Canada, released a You Tube video showing how it’s done and why. She picked up a Quarter Pounder with cheese from a local McDonald’s and takes it to Watt International‘s photo studio, where… Continue reading Behind The Scenes At McDonald’s Photo Shoot

Fear Factory: Hilarious Photo of Scared People

The Nightmares Fear Factory in Niagara Falls, Canada is the premier tourist attractions in Niagara Falls. The Haunted House became very popular with their online photo gallery of people at the peak of absolute terror. There are hundreds of photos like this on their Flickr and Facebook page. Below are some of the funniest photos that I have randomly picked… Continue reading Fear Factory: Hilarious Photo of Scared People

Split Family Faces

Ulric Collette is a 29 year old graphic designer and photographer from Quebec, Canada. Ulric has created a very interesting and freaky project where he explores the genetic similarities between different members of the same family. By splitting their faces in half and then melding them together, he creates interesting new people that are sometimes… Continue reading Split Family Faces