PodRide: All-Weather Electric Bike Car

Swedish engineer Mikael Kjellman designed his own impressive four-wheeled electric bicycle he calls the PodRide. The all-weather bicycle is covered in waterproof fabric shell to protect the rider from the elements, which also makes it look like a small car. The bike electric motor can reach maximum speed of up to 24.9 km/h (15.5 mph),… Continue reading PodRide: All-Weather Electric Bike Car

Off-Road Electric Car With Flexible Tilting Technology

French company Mecanroc has created the Swincar Spider, the new pendular off road electric 4×4 that can tackle all sorts of nature with its unique tilting technology. The body of the 4-wheeler is suspended from a higher point allowing it to freely swing to either side independently. The Swincar is electrically-operated, the battery can last up to… Continue reading Off-Road Electric Car With Flexible Tilting Technology

The Slowest Ferrari FXX Look-alike in the World

This Ferrari FXX look-alike is actually a bike and its made by Hannes Langeder, its the same guy who created the Porsche GT3 RS that I posted about last ِApril. Hannes named this car Fahrradi, which mean bicycle in German without the “i”. watch the video below.  Via: Bornrich

Pedal-Powered Porsche GT3 RS

The car-bike Porsche GT3 RS is an art project created by Hannes Langeder from Austria. It took Hannes a year to built the car and it cost him about 13,000 euro (4,780 KD), that cost as much as a real car, plus its slow too. The whole body of the car is made of plastic tubes put together as a shell and covered… Continue reading Pedal-Powered Porsche GT3 RS