Woman Drives Into Lake Following GPS Directions

A Canadian woman got lost and drove into a lake trying to follow directions from her car’s GPS. The 23-year-old woman, from Ontario, Canada lost her way and drove down a steep boat launch into Lake Huron last Thursday night. Thankfully, she was able to climb out safely by roll down the window, retrieve her purse and clamber out… Continue reading Woman Drives Into Lake Following GPS Directions

Dramatic Car Accident Caught on Camera in Hawally

A car crash caught on dash camera shows a driver in a Hyundai Sonata coming from a curve at high speed, hitting a Kia Rio and sending it into the other side of the road. The traffic accident happened in Hawally at Cairo Street near the traffic light. Watch the video below.

Woman Drives Off the Second Floor Parking Garage in Mishref

A woman smashes her car through the concrete barrier of Mishref Co-op parking garage and plummeted down onto another car in a parking lot below. The accident happened this afternoon Wednesday, April 27. The woman suffered minor injuries, such as small wounds and bruises. She was immediately taken to the hospital to be treated.

Race Driver Flips Car Nine Times in Porsche GT3 Cup

Seventeen-year-old Pedro Piquet survives a spectacular crash during the Porsche GT3 Cup Challenge in Brazil. Piquet’s car turned over nine times after coming into contact with another car. Watch the video below.

Man Pulls Kid from Path of Oncoming Rally Car

These rally fans in Poland got a close-up look at just how dangerous rally driving can be, when a rally car loses control and starts sliding across the field they are standing in. One man very wisely decides to run the opposite direction of the crowd and pulls a child out of the way just in time. Watch… Continue reading Man Pulls Kid from Path of Oncoming Rally Car

Flying Circular Blade Tears Through a Truck

A driver miraculously survived after a huge circular blade came flying towards him and cut through the front of his pick up truck. Last Wednesday, Xiang was driving along the road in Chongqing, China when he heard a loud bang and saw the giant blade spinning towards him. The 60-inch circular blade sliced right through the… Continue reading Flying Circular Blade Tears Through a Truck

Best 2014 Formula 1 Season Highlights

An epic video edited by Miran Dilberovic, featuring the best highlights from the 2014 Formula One season. The amazing 3 minute clip includes crashes, on-board camera shots, and slow motion footage.