Jaguar C-X75 Hybrid Supercar

Remember the Jaguar C-X75? Created for Jaguar’s 75th anniversary, it was revealed back in 2010 at the Paris motor show. Jay Leno was also one of the first people who tested the Jaguar C-X75 when it was just a concept car. The Jaguar C-X75 will be featured in the new James Bond movie Spectre driven… Continue reading Jaguar C-X75 Hybrid Supercar

Porsche Celebrates 50th Anniversary of 911 with Symphony

Porsche celebrates its 50th anniversary with a new video showing all 7 generations of the 911’s, performing a very special choir by using the signature engine roar to sing the song “Happy Birthday .” Watch how all the German sports cars play the special song in the video below.

Zain National Day Celebration at 360 Mall

In celebration of Kuwait’s 2013 National and liberation days, Zain Kuwait surprises visitors of 360 Mall with three performances that embody Kuwait’s pop culture of the 1960’s and 1970’s, 1980’s and the 1990’s till present day. Great performance! I liked the first black and white segment. Watch the video below.

Bungee Jumping Event At Marina Crescent

In celebration of Kuwait’s Liberation and National Day, starting tomorrow, February 22nd there will be a bungee jumping event at the Marina Crescent until the 24th. For more information you can follow them on Facebook and Twitter or call these numbers 94004335 – 22621766.

Aston Martin Vanquish Lands on Burj Al Arab

Aston Martin celebrates 100 years of making luxury British sports cars as the oldest surviving model, the Vanquish. Aston Martin landed a Vanquish red sports car on the helipad of the Burj Al Arab, which sits more than 300m above the ground at the top of the hotel building. A Centenary Edition of the V8 Vantage,… Continue reading Aston Martin Vanquish Lands on Burj Al Arab

New Year’s Celebrations Around the World

City skylines exploded in red, pink, green and blue around the nation as the clock struck midnight. Major cities, including Sydney, London, Dubai and Moscow have marked the start of 2013 with large fireworks displays. Among the most spectacular celebrations were ones in Sydney, which centered on the harbor bridge, and Dubai, where the world’s tallest building, the Burj Khalifa, formed the… Continue reading New Year’s Celebrations Around the World

Jay Leno Drives the Jaguar C-X75

Jay Leno became the first person outside Jaguar to drive the C-X75 on a public highway, ahead of its North American Debut at the L.A. Auto Show. I bet you Jeremy Clarkson is really pissed now that he didn’t drive it first.. Sorry buddy!! The video below shows Jay Leno interview with Jaguar’s Head of… Continue reading Jay Leno Drives the Jaguar C-X75