Moroccan Mosaics: The Art of Making Zillij

Geometric tile mosaic, known as Zillij, is a one of the leading artisanal crafts of Morocco. Zillij designs is an integral part of Morocco’s cultural heritage and it consists of individually handmade, hand-glazed, hand-cut geometrical clay mosaics forming intricate Arabian geometric patterns. This form of Islamic art is one of the main characteristics of Moroccan… Continue reading Moroccan Mosaics: The Art of Making Zillij

Ceramics Masters Create Amazing Pieces Of Art

The American Museum of Ceramic Art posted a short video that highlights the work of five Icheon Korean ceramic masters, Lee Hyang-Gu, You Yong-Chul, Choi In-Gyu, and Jo Se-Yeon, all known for practicing traditional techniques that date back centuries. Watching this video will help calm your mind. Enjoy! via: Laughing Squid