Sobro: Smart Coffee Table

The Sobro is a high-tech coffee table designed to support your connected lifestyle. With a built-in refrigerated drawer, Bluetooth speakers, charging ports, LED lights, touch control and more. Sobro is currently on Indiegogo where it raised over $907,180 USD of its $50,000 USD goal with 33 days of funding left. You can pre-order the coffee… Continue reading Sobro: Smart Coffee Table

Beautiful Cowling Chair Made From a Boeing 737 Jet Engine

Fallen Furniture created an amazing cowling chair built from the recycled engine of a Boeing 737 aircraft. The chair is made from an engine cowling of a Boeing 737, spins weightlessly 360 degrees around on its highly polished aluminum swiveling base and an interior upholstered with black leather. The company is very much into working… Continue reading Beautiful Cowling Chair Made From a Boeing 737 Jet Engine

Cardboard Rocking Couch

Rocking Couch is a flat pack paper couch that is made of high grammage corrugated cardboard sturdy enough to hold up to 150 kg (330lb) load. It weighs just 9 kg (20lb) and can be assembled in just two minutes without tools or glue. Watch how the couch is assembled in the video below.

Emperor 1510 LX: High-Tech Computer Workstation

At first glance, it looks like a dentist chair or a battle cruiser’s control station, its called the Emperor 1510 LX. Its a high-tech comfortable workstation for your desktop PC. Canadian-based MWE Lab created the futuristic computer station with futuristic amenities including a  three monitor stand mounted on a retractable “scorpion tail,” a Bose sound system, reclining Italian leather chair, and rotating base.… Continue reading Emperor 1510 LX: High-Tech Computer Workstation

Mouse Terrifies BBC Presenter Live on Air

BBC Radio 5 live presenter Shelagh Fogarty started screaming and jumped on her chair when a mouse suddenly appeared during a live broadcast on Tuesday. The guest she was interviewing first spotted the mouse running across the studio floor, and Shelagh screamed “Oh My God” before even knowing where the mouse is. Watch the live video below.

Human Hoist: Getting Mechanics In The Right Position

The Human Hoist is the coolest chair on wheels! Kevin Ferguson and Eric Brittingham’s brilliant chair design for auto mechanics. It swiftly transforms from a chair to a creeper, making the auto mechanic’s job easier. It has neck and back support and magnetic tool trays. Watch the video below.

Another Steve Jobs Action Figure

Back in November last year I posted about Steve Jobs action figure, which was already sold out of the 300 action figures, yet another one was made. Steve Jobs Limited Edition 12-inch Collectible Figurine which will include a 1/6 scale Steve Jobs head sculpt and 12-inch figure body plus 1/6 Scale items such as the… Continue reading Another Steve Jobs Action Figure