Eating Live Octopus in Korea

It’s actually quite common in South Korea to eat octopus that are still living. A South Korean chef Kim Sang Jin shows us how to properly prepare and eat wriggling live octopus without choking to death. Sydney Chun from Munchies heads to Jongno Octopus in Seoul to try the controversial practice of eating live octopus.… Continue reading Eating Live Octopus in Korea

Chef Eduardo Garcia Cooks With His Bionic Hand

Chef Eduardo Garcia lost his left hand after being electrocutedĀ in a hunting accident in 2011. But this didn’t stop GarciaĀ from doing what he like.Ā The 32-year-old chefĀ received a Bluetooth-activated bionic handĀ implant, and has been finding his way around the kitchen ever since. Watch Chef Eduardo Garcia in action on Good Morning AmericaĀ inĀ the video below.