Chromatic: LED Color Spectrum Clock

The Chromatic is a color spectrum clock that uses 60 individual LED lights with six different ways to display time. You will need a CR2032 battery to get this clock working. The clock can also be powered via USB. The Chromatic LED color clock is available at ThinkGeek for a price of $49.99. Watch the video below.

Santa Claus Caught On Camera

Evan, seven-year-old, left a camera by their Christmas tree in the living room so he could catch Santa. When the kid and his parents watch the video from a ‘hidden’ camera back the next day, he gets the shock of his life, the kids reaction is priceless. Watch the video below.

Son Gives Parents Incredible Gift

Joe Riquelme, the founder and CEO of a New York-based video-sharing app Videoshop, has surprised his parents this Christmas by paying off their mortgage and then shared a video online showing their emotional reaction. The video shows Riquelme handing his mother a plain white envelope containing bank documents accompanied by a note from him that reads “Your house… Continue reading Son Gives Parents Incredible Gift

Video: Handmade Candy Canes

A start-to-finish demonstration of a victorian techniques hand making candy cane, done at Lofty Pursuits in Tallahassee, Florida. In the video below, watch as candy makers pour, pull, turn, roll and twist these special Candy Canes into a works of art which are both beautiful and mesmerizing. via: Gizmodo

World’s Largest Christmas Light Display

David Richards from Australia set a new Guinness World Record for its Christmas lights on Thursday evening in Canberra, with more than a million LEDs switched on for the festive period. It took lighting architects, designers, electrical and civil engineers months to plan and build the display in the Australian capital. With 1,194,380 lights making up a… Continue reading World’s Largest Christmas Light Display

Santa Gorilla Visits Hollywood Blvd

The Oscar-winning CGI effects team from Amalgamated Dynamics showing off their state of the art Santa Gorilla at Hollywood Blvd, California. They actually brought Bernie the Gorilla from The Zookeeper to Hollywood to share the wonder of practical effects with tourists and movie fans. The Gorilla’s face is controlled by four puppeteers with ADI co-founder Tom Woodruff Jr. inside the suit. Watch the… Continue reading Santa Gorilla Visits Hollywood Blvd