Limited Edition Retro-Themed iPhone 6s/Plus

Minnesota-based company ColorWare has recently launched a vintage redesign of Apple’s latest iPhones. The limited edition retro-themed iPhone 6S and iPhone 6S Plus was inspired by the Apple IIe computer. On the back of the phone, the company used a matte vanilla-colored exterior with fake vents along with the 80’s version of Apple’s rainbow logo.… Continue reading Limited Edition Retro-Themed iPhone 6s/Plus

Apple Macintosh 2015

The CURVED/labs created a concept design as a tribute to the original Apple Macintosh computer released in 1984. The design features the same high quality aluminum casing that is used for macbooks, iPhones and iPads, it also has similar technological components as the current MacBook Air. Watch the video below

Retro POP iPhone Handset for 5KD

Last year, I posted about the Classic 1950’s handset for smartphone that cost around 16KD ($60 USD). Guess what? I found the same one yesterday at KIF exhibition for around 5KD ($18 USD), which was almost three times less than the online price. They even had (David Turpin) the designer’s signature on the box. I know the other headset was a special edition gold… Continue reading Retro POP iPhone Handset for 5KD