Coca-Cola Hello Happiness Phone Booth in UAE

Coca-Cola created a special phone booth that accepts Coca-Cola bottle caps instead of coins for a free 3-minute international phone call. The idea behind the “Hello Happiness Phone Booth” is to help labourers in the UAE to connect with their families back home, giving them few extra minutes of happiness. Watch the video below.

Coca-Cola Bottle Made Entirely Out of Ice

In Colombia, Coca-Cola has released a new bottle made entirely of ice. The bottle is shaped similar to the old-fashioned Coke bottle. Only its made of ice, not glass. To create the icy bottles, the company fills silicone molds with water, freezes them at -13 degrees Fahrenheit and then fills the molds with Coke. Each comes with… Continue reading Coca-Cola Bottle Made Entirely Out of Ice