Starbucks Sued For Putting Too Much Ice In Its Iced Drinks

The coffee giant, Starbucks, is being sued for $5 million over the amount of ice in their iced coffee drinks, giving customers 50 percent less coffee than that of a hot beverage of the same size despite being priced higher. The unhappy customer, Stacy Pincus, who is suing the coffee chain claims the coffee company… Continue reading Starbucks Sued For Putting Too Much Ice In Its Iced Drinks

Turkish Sand Coffee

Turkish coffee is a method of preparing unfiltered coffee. Normally to make a traditional Turkish coffee you need a spirit burner to heat the finely ground coffee beans with water under a rolling boil until it begins to foam up into the neck of the pot. Repeat the process a couple of times before the mixture… Continue reading Turkish Sand Coffee

My Favorite Instagram Photos

I love being able to instantly document what is happening around me. My Instagram feed is full of things I want to remember from my travels and day-to-day life. So, I picked a couple of my favorite photos to share with you on this post. The photos you see here were taken with my Galaxy… Continue reading My Favorite Instagram Photos

Starbucks Coffee: A Creative Paper Cut-Out Animation Story

Netherlands based designer Rogier Wieland has developed an animation video for Starbucks to illustrate the reversed story of how their coffee goes from bean to your cup. The short clip was created by transferring video stills to paper cutouts that were then animated to make an amazing stop-motion movie. via: Laughing Squid

Inside The World’s Largest Starbucks

Starbucks has recently opened up a flagship store located in Seattle’s Capitol Hill. This location has two coffee bars, an in-house kitchen, a shop, a two-story library complete with 200 books, including a roasting plant where the company produces its small batch Reserve beans. The building itself was constructed in 1910 as a automobile dealership, until Starbucks took over in 2013. This giant… Continue reading Inside The World’s Largest Starbucks

Starbucks Dark Barrel Latte Tastes Like Beer

Starbucks is testing its new Dark Barrel Latte created to taste like dark Irish beers such as Guinness. The beverage doesn’t actually contain beer or alcohol. Its a blend of espresso, dark caramel, chocolaty stout, and topped with whipped cream and a dark caramel sauce. The beer flavored coffee is available now in select test markets in the US (Ohio and Florida), but… Continue reading Starbucks Dark Barrel Latte Tastes Like Beer

Vessyl Smart Cup

Vessyl is a smart cup that recognizes and track what you’re drinking, displays its nutritional content, and syncs all your drinking habits to your smartphone. The smart cup can tell the difference between Coke and Pepsi, and can even identify few other beverages, all by name. An online pre-order campaign launched via Vessyl’s website seeks to raise… Continue reading Vessyl Smart Cup

Coffee Machine Prints Customers Faces On Lattes

Let’s Cafe is a Taiwanese cafe chain that prints customers faces on top of their lattes and cappuccinos. Faced with the challenge of competing with larger more established cafe chains in order to attract customers. Coffee drinkers upload photos from their smartphones to printer machine. The special printer uses edible ink to sprinkle their photo on the milk… Continue reading Coffee Machine Prints Customers Faces On Lattes