The New 12-sided One Pound Coin

The Royal Mint has revealed the new high-tech 12-sided British one pound (£1) coin. The coin is made of two metals. The gold-colored outer ring is made of nickel-brass, while the silver inner ring is made of nickel-plated alloy. The old coin is made of nickel-brass and is all gold-colored. The mint claims that one… Continue reading The New 12-sided One Pound Coin

Chinese Artist Builds City Model With 50,000 Coins

Chinese artist He Peixi created a spectacular model of Southwest China’s Chongqing city out of 50,000 coins. Peixi spent two hours a day for a month piling up both ancient and modern coins from 11 different currencies to replicate the city’s landmarks, bridges, and other buildings.

Awesome Collection of Carved Coins by Paolo Curcio

Barcelona-based artist Paolo Curcio craves tiny bas-relief sculptures into coins, an sculptural art known as the Hobo Nickel. Curcio unique art work is available online. You can also watch Curcio incredible art work in the videos embedded on his website. via: Gizmodo