Hyper Realistic Artworks By Ivan Hoo

Artist Ivan Hoo, from Singapore, earns a living from his realistic drawings and paintings that look like photographs. The 31-year-old takes up to three days to complete the impressive pieces, which include animal portraits and still life drawings of everyday items such as a Starbucks plastic cup or Nutella chocolate jar and a broken eggs. Most… Continue reading Hyper Realistic Artworks By Ivan Hoo

Spectacular Photo Realistic Painting Of LeBron James

Talented artist Heather Rooney created a spectacular photo realistic portrait drawing of NBA basketball player LeBron James using only colored pencils. The 5-minute, time-lapse video translates into many hours of work in real time. In the end, the piece is hard to distinguish from a photograph. You can check out more of Heather’s amazing work on her YouTube channel… Continue reading Spectacular Photo Realistic Painting Of LeBron James

Realistic Colored Pencil Drawings By Marcello Barenghi

Marcello Barenghi is a talented Italian artist who has an innate talent for creating a realistic drawings of common objects. Marcello draws objects that appear almost three dimensional with the help of colored pencils and occasional enhancements using markers or watercolor. You can view more of Marcello’s work on his website. Check out his time-lapse video below.