Festival of Colors 2013

A video of the Holi Festival of ColorsĀ in Spanish Fork, Utah. The event is based on a HinduĀ HoliĀ festival to celebrateĀ the passing of winter to spring, by throwing colored powder and water at each otherĀ throughout the day. Watch the video below. via:Ā Mercury News

LED Glow Furniture by The Rental Company

The LED Glow Furniture from The Rental Company is ideal for putting in the garden, on the terrace or even in the living room. Itā€™s also handy to control. Using a remote control you can alter the color of the long-lifeĀ LED’s, set to pulse, change to color rotate, or set to a 3 hour timer,… Continue reading LED Glow Furniture by The Rental Company

Colorful Exploding Water Balloons

Artist Ryan Taylor from Cedar Rapids, Iowa has taken some water balloons and used them to create some really cool photos. He used some camera gear and lighting to catch the beautiful images you see here. Taylor used strobe lights, colored water, milk, paint, and balloons for the shots. Via:Ā Slash Gear