Giant Hand Cranked Music Box

Niklas Roy has created a giant mechanical music box with working instruments that can be operated using a big hand crank. The remarkable “Music Construction Machine“ is on public display at the Goethe Institute Pop Up Exhibition in Wroclaw, Poland, as part of the cultural capital program. Watch the video below. via: Laughing Squid

Jiffy: Fastest Charging Hand-Crank Power Generator

Jiffy is a small portable charger that mechanically produces electricity to keep your devices charged without the need for power outlets. The hand-crank power generator supports “Quick Charge 2.0”, the fastest charging technology for charging devices. The charging module is 5V USB that charges all the devices that support the standard USB, and it offers… Continue reading Jiffy: Fastest Charging Hand-Crank Power Generator

CrankCase: Power Generating iPhone Case

AMPWARE has developed a new charging technology for your iPhone or iPad. The CrankCase and CrankBox are two different portable batteries with a hand-turned crank. The CrankCase is a smartphone case with an integrated hand-crank power generator, generating power from a biomechanical cranking cycle. The more you crank, the more power is generated and delivered to your device. 5 minutes of… Continue reading CrankCase: Power Generating iPhone Case