Race Driver Flips Car Nine Times in Porsche GT3 Cup

Seventeen-year-old Pedro Piquet survives a spectacular crash during the Porsche GT3 Cup Challenge in Brazil. Piquet’s car turned over nine times after coming into contact with another car. Watch the video below.

Niklas Ajo’s Epic Finish

Niklas Ajo finished the Dutch Grand Prix in incredible fashion last Saturday. He lost control of his bike and drifted dangerously fast towards the walls. Amazingly, he managed to get control of his bike after a few tense seconds and finish the race in one piece. Watch the video below. Photo Credit: Crash

Stunt Rider Sends His Bike Into Swimming Pool

A bike enthusiast sends his motorcycle straight into the swimming pool during his wild birthday party. Darius Khashabi is a stunt motorcycle rider from Walnut Creek, California. He was trying to show off his friends by attempting a wheelie when he suddenly lost control of his Honda CBR and end up sending it straight into the pool. Darius was pushed by a friend into… Continue reading Stunt Rider Sends His Bike Into Swimming Pool

Lamborghini Aventador Splits In Half During Car Crash

In New York, a Lamborghini Aventador that was speeding down a Brooklyn street collided with a car in a crash that caused the sports car to split in two. According to SuperCarKids blog, the sheer forced of the accident ripped the Lamborghini in half, separating the cockpit from the engine. It has been said that the Lamborghini is designed to do this as… Continue reading Lamborghini Aventador Splits In Half During Car Crash

Driver Cheats Death After Horrific Crash

At first glance, it would be impossible not to think that there was at least one fatality in the pictures here. Guess what? No one was killed and the person driving the Audi S8 came out of this accident with only minor injuries. The accident occurred in Molenbeersel, Belgium near the border with the Netherlands. The report said that the… Continue reading Driver Cheats Death After Horrific Crash

Base Jumper Survives 1000ft Fall

British BASE Jumper Matthew Gough escapes death after his parachute failed to open when he jumped off a 1,000ft cliff. The lucky 25-year-old daredevil escaped with just a few cuts and bruises despite crashing into rocks on his way down before landing on the ground. Watch the terrifying jump in the video below. via: Daily Mail

Helicopter Crashes While Racing Corvette on Top Gear

The South Korean television show “Top Gear” was filming a drag race between a Corvette ZR1 and a AH-1 Cobra, that nearly ended in tragedy when the Cobra helicopter crashed into the Arizona desert. According to Top Gear, the pilot walked away from the crash. The accident was caught on camera, watch the video below.