Ghost Ship: 3D Projection With Water in Amsterdam

A romanian architecture collective studio visualSKIN created a 3D projection of a 17-century ship beamed onto intersecting perpendicular screens of water. The ghost ship has been spotted flouting on one of the city’s famous canals, located off the island of Oosterdok in front of the Amsterdam Center for Architecture and the National Maritime Museum. The spooky… Continue reading Ghost Ship: 3D Projection With Water in Amsterdam

World’s Largest Christmas Light Display

David Richards from Australia set a new Guinness World Record for its Christmas lights on Thursday evening in Canberra, with more than a million LEDs switched on for the festive period. It took lighting architects, designers, electrical and civil engineers months to plan and build the display in the Australian capital. With 1,194,380 lights making up a… Continue reading World’s Largest Christmas Light Display

CSIS Global Data Chandelier

The Global Data Chandelier is a custom light fixture commissioned by the Center for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS) for their new headquarters in Washington, DC. The chandelier’s 425 illuminated pendants form a low resolution world map when viewed from below. Global data like energy consumption, renewable water resources, and GDP can be displayed on the map… Continue reading CSIS Global Data Chandelier