Top Gear Invisible Van

Remember the Samsung Safety Truck when they use a built-in cameras and huge rear-mounted displays screens? Well it’s the same principle in effect here. Richard Hammond from Top Gear installs a huge display screens with cameras on a Ford Transit to give it the power of invisibility. The screens gave a live feed of the town surroundings, making… Continue reading Top Gear Invisible Van

Samsung Safety Truck

Samsung has created a ‘Safety Truck’ which aims to reduce crashes when drivers attempt to overtake long vehicles on one-way roads. The trucks use built-in cameras and huge rear-mounted displays screens to provide drivers with a clear view of what’s in front of the truck. The technology was developed in partnership with Leo Burnett advertising… Continue reading Samsung Safety Truck

Meteor Lights Up Night-Sky in Russia

An amazing video was caught by a dashboard camera showing a meteor lighting up the pitch black sky in Murmansk, Russia, on Saturday morning at approximately 2:13 a.m. local time. The light is assumed to have been a meteor bursting apart in the atmosphere above. According to the Daily Mail, some people have pointed out that it could be a missile test because… Continue reading Meteor Lights Up Night-Sky in Russia