Passengers Reacting To ‘Insane Mode’ In The Tesla P85D

The Tesla Model S P85D was unveiled in Los Angeles last October. The electric car offers two acceleration options, the Sport and Insane mode. It can go from 0–100 km/h (0–60 mp/h) in around three seconds on insane mode, which makes it compete with even the fastest supercars on the market. A Florida-based car site DragTimes installed a dashboard camera to shows… Continue reading Passengers Reacting To ‘Insane Mode’ In The Tesla P85D

Crazy Downhill Skateboarding

This longboarder was doing quite well until the last sentence. He goes downhill extremely fast, traveling with a speed of 100 kph (60 mph), and when he gets to the bottom, he nearly gets hit by a bus! Watch the video below.

Russian Biker Throws Trash Back At Drivers Who Litter

A biker who is on mission to keep Russia’s roads clean takes matters into her own hands. In the video below, shows an unidentified biker woman chasing down drivers who dump trash on the streets and returning it right back to them.

World’s Luckiest Bicker Survives Crash

A traffic accident that turned into an acrobatic act. A dashboard camera captured a motorcyclist smashes into a back of a car and lands on top of its roof. It’s simply unbelievable! The accident occurred on a Russian bridge near Koroleva. Watch the video below.

Meteor Lights Up Night-Sky in Russia

An amazing video was caught by a dashboard camera showing a meteor lighting up the pitch black sky in Murmansk, Russia, on Saturday morning at approximately 2:13 a.m. local time. The light is assumed to have been a meteor bursting apart in the atmosphere above. According to the Daily Mail, some people have pointed out that it could be a missile test because… Continue reading Meteor Lights Up Night-Sky in Russia