Man of Steel Restored in Color

VideoLab posted a video that showcases what DC Comics superhero film Man of Steel would have looked like with the natural color and brightness. Watch the two clips of the original movie with the digitally altered version in the video below.

Real Life Batman On The Streets Of Japan

Chibatman¬†is a real-life version of¬†Batman who¬†rides throughout the city¬†of¬†Chiba, Japan¬†as the ‚ÄúDark Knight‚ÄĚ on a custom three-wheeled Chibatpod. The 41-year-old welder has been around since the Fukushima earthquake¬†that took place in 2011.¬†Ever Since, Chibatman’s¬†mission was simply to bring joy and happiness to¬†the¬†people in his¬†city. Watch the video below. via:¬†BBC

Batman Bin Suparman Jailed for Theft

A 23-year-old Singaporean guy with a superhero name was jailed for 33 months for his criminal actions, which included stealing his brother’s bank card and using heroin. Batman bin Suparman was caught on CCTV breaking into a billiard hall at the Depot Heights Shopping Center in Singapore on two separate occasions and stealing S$500 (£250) in total. via: Metro

DC Comics and KIA Superhero-Themed Cars

Kia Motors has joined forces with DC Entertainment co-publisher Jim Lee, to bring the World’s Greatest Superheroes to life by combining automotive styling with comic book art. The partnership, which will yield eight individually customized designed vehicles after the Justice League characters like Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, Green Lantern, The Flash, Aquaman, and Cyborg.¬†The Kia-DC… Continue reading DC Comics and KIA Superhero-Themed Cars

Remote Control Flying Superman

A live-sized custom made remote controlled Superman! The DC Comics superhero replica was spotted flying above the coast of South California. This custom made device is not the first of its kind, as there were similar versions like the flying Iron Man were made in the past. Watch the video below.