iPad Charger Explosion in UK

Tim Gillooley, 34, suffered a huge electric shock when he reached down to unplug his daughters charger at his mother’s house in Widnes, Cheshire. Gillooley said he believes his eight-year-old daughter Chloe would most likely have been killed had it been her, instead of him, who had touched the device. Gillooley was burnt by the shock, which threw him across… Continue reading iPad Charger Explosion in UK

Woman Dies from Electric Shock After Answering Her iPhone 5

Ma Ailun, a 23-year-old flight attendant with China Southern Airlines, allegedly suffered a massive electric shock as she picked up her new iPhone 5 to answer a call while it was charging, which led to her death. The phone and its accessories have been handed over to the Chinese authorities for examination. Ma bought her iPhone 5… Continue reading Woman Dies from Electric Shock After Answering Her iPhone 5

CataCombo: Sound System for Coffins

You’ve got to be kidding me! Check this out, a Swedish based company called Pause designed a digital sound system specially for coffins that plays music for dead people, can you believe that? When I first saw the TV ad I thought it was one of those prank videos on YouTube, but believe it or not, Its real! The coffin is equipped with… Continue reading CataCombo: Sound System for Coffins

Crazy Coffins Exhibition

Crazy Coffins is Nottingham-based traditional coffin maker that took on a new marking identity when people started asking to customize their own coffins with their own particular tastes, some of the coffins were designed and shaped like Bottles, Guitars, Railway Carriages, air plains, ballet shoe, and the strangest of them all was a dumpster.  The coffins were exhibited at the… Continue reading Crazy Coffins Exhibition