How Matches are Made?

One of the first matches were used in 5th century in China, called the sulfur match, they were small sticks of pinewood impregnated with sulfur. After that came the Safety match, that was invented by the Swedish chemist Gustaf Erik Pasch in first half of 1800’s and popularized by the industrialist John Edvard Lundström in second part of 19th century.… Continue reading How Matches are Made?

Quiet Skyscraper Demolition in Japan

Taisei Corporation has developed a new method of demolishing buildings which involves taking it floor by floor, gradually making their way to the ground. The company is using its Ecological Reproduction System (Tecorep) to lower the 140 meters (459.3 feet) Grand Prince Hotel Akasaka, Tokyo building to the ground. Watch the video below.

Drone Captures Building Demolition In Detroit

The Park Avenue Hotel (Built in 1924) in Detroit, Michigan was recently demolished with nearly 90 kg (200 lbs) of explosives used to destroy the building. TheGadgetGuy11’s drone was there to capture the amazing aerial views. Watch the video below.

Schlieren Optics: Making The Invisible Visible

Harvard Natural Sciences Lecture Demonstrations conducted a demonstration of an optical technique that allows us to see small changes in the index of refraction in air, which made visible by Schlieren Optics. A point source of light is reflected from a concave mirror and focused onto the edge of a razor blade, which is mounted… Continue reading Schlieren Optics: Making The Invisible Visible

GoPro: Building Demolition In Germany

GoPro has posted a video of a building in Germany being demolished with nearly a ton of explosives. More than 2,000 pounds of explosives brought down the gigantic 32-story AfE Tower in Frankfurt. The building was located on the campus of Johann Wolfgang Goethe University, and was imploded on February 2nd, 2014.