Loop: Digital Photo Display

Loop is a photo-sharing display that makes it easier than ever to keep your family involved in your everyday life. It uses both Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connections to access your existing social accounts like Facebook, Instagram, Dropbox and Flickr. You can also send photos and videos from your smartphone instantly, making it easy for you… Continue reading Loop: Digital Photo Display

Trivolty: LED Light Photo Frame

Trivolty is a unique crystal frame with a laser engraved photo inside that is sent from your smartphone, camera, laptop or any other device. This beautiful frame is made from the highest quality materials using hi-end technologies. The crystal frame will stay visible day and night regardless of where it’s placed. A cylinder-shaped light unit includes an Internal rechargeable batteries… Continue reading Trivolty: LED Light Photo Frame

Iowa Smartphone Driver License

The Iowa Department of Transportation will allow drivers the option of receiving their newly issued driver’s licenses via a mobile app on their smartphones. Drivers can present their mobile phones to a law enforcement officers during traffic stops. The new app will require a pin number for verification and should be highly secure. The Iowa Department of Transportation is planning to issue… Continue reading Iowa Smartphone Driver License

Instacube: The Digital Photo Frame for Instagram

Instacube is an Android-based digital photo frame for your Instagram photos that feeds your favorite images wirelessly. You can display and show-off your Instagram photos in your home or office, all day long. Instacube is very easy to use, connect the device to your home wireless network, then log in with your Instagram account and you’re done! Use the touch… Continue reading Instacube: The Digital Photo Frame for Instagram