Subwing: Flying Underwater

Subwing is a hand held fin that is towed behind a boat, enabling rider to fly underwater. The unusual new adrenaline-fuelled activity involves diving underwater and gripping on two hydrodynamic wings that is dragged behind a speedboat. The Subwing costs from $295 and users can select video camera accessories. Watch the video below.

4X4 Remote Control Car Hydroplanes On Water

Traxxas, a remote control car manufacturer, has recently posted an amazing video of their Slash 4×4 RC car that can skim across the water and do jumps, thanks to paddle tires and high-speed gearing.

Woman Walking On Water

Slovakian synchronised swimmer Lenka Tanner performs the trick upside-down by diving beneath the water and then pacing across the surface from below. She said “For me, running on water is not that hard, because I’ve been practicing it for over 20 years. The big deal for me now is to give the sport a boost.” The… Continue reading Woman Walking On Water

RC Drift Cars in Japan

It took me a while to realize that it was really a remote-controlled car. Watch as several drifting cars smoothly slip and slide through the curves at the WARU Circuit in Yokohama, Japan. Watch the video below.

Amazing Drifting With Remote-Control Lexus RC F

Professional driver Drift44 puts his skills to the test behind the 1/10-scale remote control version of the Lexus RC F Sport Coupe. In video below, which is a part of a TV commercial for Lexus, featuring the little Remote-Control car parallel parking, bowling, and lighting a match (you got to see it to believe it) by drifting past a rough wall.

Freediver Creates Amazing Underwater Vortex

Freediver David Helderle can create underwater vortexes with his mouth that forms cool bubble rings and designs. The 40 year old frenchman who works at Yas Water World in Abu Dhabi, can control the water spins as it travels through the water, much like a wobbly bracelet. Watch the video below to see the bubbles in action.