Insane Bicycle Stunt Jumps From Rooftops

GoPro has uploaded an incredible video entitled “Cascadia” to YouTube that features professional street trials rider Danny MacAskill performs amazing bike stunts while riding across the rooftops of buildings in Spain. Watch as MacAskill takes on the beautiful town of Las Palmas, Gran Canaria in the video below.

Robbie Maddison Surfs the Waves on a Dirt Bike

Australian stunt rider Robbie ‘Maddo’ Maddison, 34, takes his KTM 250 SX dirt bike with specially-built skis and paddle tires to ride the world famous waves of Teahupo’o, Tahiti. Robbie made history as the first person to surf the waves on a motorcycle. The video below showing the stunt is titled ‘Pipe Dream’, and was produced… Continue reading Robbie Maddison Surfs the Waves on a Dirt Bike

First Ever BMX Quad Backflip

Nitro Circus biker Jed Mildon has successfully completed the world’s first quadruple BMX backflip. Mildon completed the four flips after months of several failed attempts and injuries. Watch the video below.

Luge Run Thrill Ride On GoPro Camera

Lewis Knights went for a thrill ride on the Skyline Queenstown Luge in Queenstown, New Zealand. He brought his GoPro Hero 3+ Black Edition aboard a Go-kart to record his ride down the sharp curves and steep hills. Watch the video below. via: Laughing Squid

Motoped Survival Bike

The Motoped Survival Bike is a Black Ops edition motorized mountain bicycle powered by a 4-stroke engine which is outfitted with downhill mountain bike suspension, components and brakes. The company has equipped the chassis with survival gears which features extra gas storage, LED lighting system, a shovel, knives, tools, climbing equipment, and a multitool. Pricing on the Black Ops model has… Continue reading Motoped Survival Bike