Amazon Makes First Drone Delivery in UK

Amazon has made its first Prime Air drone delivery to a customer on December 7, 2016 during a private trial in Cambridgeshire, England. The delivery took about 13 minutes from the time customer Richard B. placed his order to the time the package was delivered to his place. Richard B. is just one of two… Continue reading Amazon Makes First Drone Delivery in UK

Shop U: Drone Delivery Service in Kuwait

Shop U online company revealed its latest delivery method with plans to use drones to fly small packages to consumers doorsteps around Kuwait. A first of its kind in the Gulf region, the drone service is expected to be launched within next month. Watch the video below.

The Dazzling Flying Machines of the Future

At the TED Conference, Engineer Raffaello D’Andrea gave a demonstration of a number of prototypes drones underdevelopment, that could become the future of autonomous flight. D’Andrea show drones that play catch, balance and make decisions together, like the dazzling display of coordinated micro-quadcopters in formation. Watch the video below.

Jeremy Clarkson Unveils Amazon Prime Air Delivery Service

Amazon has released a new video featuring former Top Gear host Jeremy Clarkson talking about the benefits of using Amazon Prime Air drone delivery service. The new drone looks a lot different from the prototype that Amazon showed us about two years ago. This one has a more commercial look with the package item hidden… Continue reading Jeremy Clarkson Unveils Amazon Prime Air Delivery Service

Lily: Self-Flying Camera Drone

Lily is a self-flying camera drone that uses GPS and a tracking device to follow and record your every move. Simply toss it into the air and let it self-stabilize, and it will trail behind you. It features a 1080p HD camera that also shoot 120fps slow-motion video. The device also has a microphone for picking… Continue reading Lily: Self-Flying Camera Drone

The First Ever Ultra HD Phantom Flex4k Drone Footage

Brain Farm teamed up with Intuitive Aerial to create a drone strong enough to carry the Oscar-winning 30lb. They paired a Phantom Flex4K camera with an Aerigon UAV to shoot the world’s first Ultra High Definition, 4K aerial drone footage. Watch the video below.

Drone Waiters in Singapore

Singapore-based Infinium Robotics created a drone waiters that are able to serve food and drinks to customer’s tables in fully autonomous mode, delivering food in a fast, safe and classy manner. The routes to each table are preprogrammed and as the chef enters the table number into the software interface. The drones will fly back… Continue reading Drone Waiters in Singapore

Drone Ambulance: Quickest Emergency Response Times

Design firm Argodesign has come up with a design concept for a Drone Ambulance that is able to reach victims or injured people within precious life-saving minutes. Acting to reduce an estimated 1,000 ‘savable’ lives that are lost due to slow accident response times. The one-person vehicle which is modeled after a standard quadcopter, would be… Continue reading Drone Ambulance: Quickest Emergency Response Times