Drunk Woman Stops Her Car in the Middle of a Highway

A drunk woman who was filmed by a News reporter meandering in and out of lanes on the I-15 freeway in San Diego. The video features the woman stumbling in high heels heading towards the journalist car to ask him why he was filming her, with the man was shouting “don’t go into the lanes, don’t go into… Continue reading Drunk Woman Stops Her Car in the Middle of a Highway

Man Tries To Drink Beer Infront Of Air Compressor

Australian man attempted to smoke and drink a beer while kneeling down in front an industrial air compressor. In the video below, watch what happens when the drunken Aussie decided to challenge his friends by trying to drink a beer shirtless while getting smacked in the face by a powerful blast of air.

Social Experiment: Drunk Girl In Public

A YouTube video created by social media entrepreneur Stephen Zhang, who follows a young woman who is pretending to be seriously intoxicated, as she tries to find her way home from Hollywood Boulevard. Throughout the video, the young woman, who introduces herself as Jennifer, appears to be sipping from a beer can as she staggers from… Continue reading Social Experiment: Drunk Girl In Public

Drunk vs Stoned

BuzzFeed video producer Andrew Gauthier performs a variety of tests to see how people function better drunk or stoned, drawing a picture, and trying to act sober. The morning after each test, Gauthier shares what he learned. According to BuzzFeed, the marijuana seen in this video was obtained and consumed legally in California.

Drunk Passenger Taped to Airline Seat

A drunken passenger on a New York-bound intercontinental flight was duct-taped to his seat by his fellow passengers after attacking one woman and screaming the plane was going to crash. The man was arrested upon landing at JFK.  via: Daily Mail

Don’t Drink and Post

Most of us heard of drunk driving, but you probably never heard of drunk posting. Well, It’s a common problem nowadays, even though this might sound funny but it’s true, because it happens almost everyday. Webroot’s social media sobriety test puts an end to embarrassing late-night posts that follow a night out. It’s kind of like the drunk… Continue reading Don’t Drink and Post