Eagle Dives From Burj Khalifa in Dubai

An imperial eagle named Darshan flew from the top of Burj Khalifa in Dubai, swooping 829.8 m (2,722 feet) down to his trainer on the ground. Darshan was equipped with a tiny Sony Action Cam Mini for his big expedition. The flight was organized by the Freedom Conservation group to raise awareness for endangered birds of… Continue reading Eagle Dives From Burj Khalifa in Dubai

Dubai Flow Motion

Filmmaker Rob Whitworth created an amazing hyperlapse of the beautiful City of Dubai. The incredible 3 minutes video of Dubai was shot over a period of 3 months. The result is an extraordinary journey through the city of Dubai.

Dubai’s Police Shows Off Its Supercar Fleet

Dubai police has recently released a video of their supercars fleet in high-quality cinematic fashion. The very impressive range of supercars featured in the video are the McLaren MP4-12C, Aston Martin One-77, Audi R8, Bugatti Veyron, Mercedes SLS, BMW M6, Lamborghini Aventador, Ferrari FF, and Bentley Continental GT.

Dubai New Years Celebration 2015

A dazzling never-before-seen show of fireworks, LED light and laser beam displays, has once again positioned Dubai on the global map with the world’s most-watched New Year’s Eve event. Enjoy video and witness Burj Khalifa and Downtown Dubai light up the sky from all angles.

Incredible Photos of Dubai Skyscrapers Above The Fog

Dubai-based photographer Daniel Cheong takes wonderfully ethereal photos of Dubai’s skyscrapers emerging from thick layers of fog. His amazing collection of photo shots made the futuristic city look like a kingdom in the sky. Dubai is known for its desert-like conditions, but every spring residents find themselves surrounded by thick fog. You can find more of Cheong’s work on his… Continue reading Incredible Photos of Dubai Skyscrapers Above The Fog

Driving Renault Twizy in The Dubai Mall

Renault has teamed up with Formula 1 drivers and The Dubai Mall, the world’s largest shopping mall, to make a TV commercial featuring the Renault Twizy. Lotus F1 drivers, Romain Grosjean and Pastor Maldonado drove the battery-powered two-seat car on the slick polished floors of the Dubai Mall. Watch the video below.

Balancing Objects By Rocky Byun

Balance artist Rocky Byun is an expert on making things stand still on any point without it falling over. In the video below, watch the South Korean artist balances chairs, stones, laptops, motorcycles and even a washing machine on a small pile of rocks.

Dubai To Build World Biggest Shopping Mall

Dubai unveiled plans to build the world biggest mall “Mall of The World“, complete with theme park, theatres, apartment buildings, five miles of covered streets and 100 hotels. The mall itself will cover eight million square feet, connecting with a host of attractions to create a temperature-controlled pedestrian city. The ambitious project is expected to attract… Continue reading Dubai To Build World Biggest Shopping Mall