Stunning Time-Lapse Shows The Address Hotel Dubai on Fire

Kirill Neiezhmakov captured an incredible time-lapse video of the 63-story Address hotel in Dubai caught on fire. Firefighters battled a blaze that engulfed the luxury hotel on new years eve. The flames can be seen reaching from the ground floor right to the top of the building.

Most Beautiful Landscapes Photos By Sarah Alsayegh

Kuwaiti photographer Sarah Alsayegh has gone to extraordinary lengths to captures some of the most beautiful landscapes in world. Included in her spectacular collection are Kuwait City, Dubai’s skyline, Saudi Arabia desert, Iceland’s famous iceberg lagoon, and the beauty of the array of red sandstone formations in Arizona.

The 20 Tallest Skylines in The World

Fly Dubai has created a very interesting infographic that features information of tall buildings throughout the world. Skylines within cities such as Dubai’s 828 meter high Burj Khalifa, Shanghai, New York, London, Mumbai and more, and totalled up the total height of the top five highest buildings in each city, all in the these graphics you see below. via: Design You Trust

Massive Fire Erupts At Torch Tower in Dubai Marina

A massive fire that broke out in the Torch tower in Dubai early Saturday. Hundreds of residents managed to escape the terrifying at Dubai Marina as flames engulfed the building. The 86-storey building in the densely populated district caught fire at around 2AM local time forcing a mass evacuation. Residents who got out say it started around the… Continue reading Massive Fire Erupts At Torch Tower in Dubai Marina

Dubai Flow Motion

Filmmaker Rob Whitworth created an amazing hyperlapse of the beautiful City of Dubai. The incredible 3 minutes video of Dubai was shot over a period of 3 months. The result is an extraordinary journey through the city of Dubai.

World’s Largest Vertical Maze in Dubai

Completed in January 2012, Maze Tower is a skyscraper located along Sheikh Zayed Road in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. According to Guinness World Records, the 57-story Maze Tower has the largest vertical maze in the world. Maze Tower was designed by German architecture firm Planquadrat, which owned by Al Rostamani Group. The intricate balconies found on the front and rear… Continue reading World’s Largest Vertical Maze in Dubai

Incredible Photos of Dubai Skyscrapers Above The Fog

Dubai-based photographer Daniel Cheong takes wonderfully ethereal photos of Dubai’s skyscrapers emerging from thick layers of fog. His amazing collection of photo shots made the futuristic city look like a kingdom in the sky. Dubai is known for its desert-like conditions, but every spring residents find themselves surrounded by thick fog. You can find more of Cheong’s work on his… Continue reading Incredible Photos of Dubai Skyscrapers Above The Fog