Hushme: A Headset That Protects Your Privacy in Public

Hushme is a voice mask headset that can actually protect speech privacy in public places. The device is designed to cover the mouth to block the users’ voice with “masking sounds” that can be selected and customized from the Hushme app. Simply insert the attached Bluetooth earbuds, close the device around your face, and start… Continue reading Hushme: A Headset That Protects Your Privacy in Public

Glow Headphones

Glow is the first pair of smart headphones embedded with laser light. Glow pulses to the beat of your music and heart, illuminating bright colors: red, blue, or green. Glow has its own battery that can be charged via a standard Micro-USB. On a full charge, Glow shines for over eight hours at the low-brightness setting. Users can… Continue reading Glow Headphones

Erato Apollo 7 Compact Wireless Headphone

Apollo 7 is a wireless Bluetooth headset with a built-in omnidirectional microphone. Created by California company Erato, these headset come with a case that charges them, even when it’s unplugged. It also has a control button to switch between songs, control the volume, answer calls, and it can even trigger Siri on iOS or Google voice assistant… Continue reading Erato Apollo 7 Compact Wireless Headphone

Dubs Acoustic Filters: A Stylish Ear Plugs

Dubs are a stylish ear plugs that filters and lowers volume in the range of mid and treble without muffling or distorting sound. A 12dB Noise Reduction Rating (NRR) creates a safe and pleasant auditory experience; protecting your ears without muffling the sound. The Dubs Acoustic Filters ear plugs will come in four colors (Teal, Blue, Pink and White) and will be available in November 3… Continue reading Dubs Acoustic Filters: A Stylish Ear Plugs

Review: Monster N-ERGY Headphones

The Monster NCredible N-ERGY are a high quality and very slick looking in-ear headphones that I recently bought from Dubai Airport. The headphones are less expensive than the Beats headphones and sound just as good, if not better. They also provide pretty decent audio and noise cancelling. The headphones fit comfortably into your ears with 3 different… Continue reading Review: Monster N-ERGY Headphones