Giant Fissure Crack Opens in North Mexico

A mysterious crack appeared last week in North Mexico, near Hermosillo, that measures about length of one kilometre long (three quarters of a mile). The giant fissure is about eight-metre (26ft) deep and five metres (16ft) wide. Geologists still don’t know what caused it, but civil engineer Rafael Rodriguez from Sonora University, said the incident may have been caused by a levee constructed by local… Continue reading Giant Fissure Crack Opens in North Mexico

Massive Sinkhole Swallows a House in Kazakhstan

Anastasia Tatarnikov, 28, thought she was running from an earthquake, but according to emergency officials the massive sinkhole had appeared as a result of mining work in the city of Ridder in eastern Kazakhstan. About 120 homes have been listed as being at risk and 480 people have been evacuated. Watch the video of the… Continue reading Massive Sinkhole Swallows a House in Kazakhstan

Huge Boulders Nearly Destroys a Farmhouse in Italy

A massive boulders nearly destroyed a house in Ronchi di Termeno, in Northern Italy. The boulders were unleashed by a landslide narrowly missed a farmhouse, destroyed the barn, and stopped in the vineyard.

Earthquake Destroys Highway in Mexico

A Mexican coastal highway has collapsed and sunk as low as 300 feet into the Pacific Ocean on Saturday after a series earthquakes near U.S. border. The highway will be closed indefinitely due to the collapse. No victims were reported.