Augmented Reality Sandbox

Augmented Reality Sandbox is a project created by the UC Davis Department of Geology that utilizes a Microsoft Kinect to created a real-time interactive augmented reality map projected on a literal sandbox, which users can manipulate by moving around piles of sand. The project could be an excellent classroom demonstration to shows how Earth’s physical systems work.… Continue reading Augmented Reality Sandbox

Schlieren Optics: Making The Invisible Visible

Harvard Natural Sciences Lecture Demonstrations conducted a demonstration of an optical technique that allows us to see small changes in the index of refraction in air, which made visible by Schlieren Optics. A point source of light is reflected from a concave mirror and focused onto the edge of a razor blade, which is mounted… Continue reading Schlieren Optics: Making The Invisible Visible

Dawrat: Training Centers Under One Roof

Dawrat is a website that combines all training centers all in one place, making it easier for the user to search and apply for the selected seminar or course required in any field. In addition, Dawrat serves as a directory to assists people in accessing/finding training material in the easiest way possible. Users can also pay directly on Dawrat website.… Continue reading Dawrat: Training Centers Under One Roof