Then And Now: Stunning Composite Photos of Paris

A clever collection of composite photos of the liberation of Paris during world war II by French art director Julien Knez. He brings together scenes from 1940s Paris with peaceful pictures of the city we visit now. Knez says he put the striking collection together to celebrate the 71st anniversary of the city’s liberation from Nazi control in… Continue reading Then And Now: Stunning Composite Photos of Paris

AirPano: Travel Book 360°

AirPano Travel Book specializes in taking high definition 360º panoramas of the most amazing places in the world, like 360 Aerial Panorama of Dubai. They have thousands of flat and interactive 360º photos on their website. The AirPano Travel Book application is now available for iPad and iPhone via the iTunes store. Watch video below to learn more… Continue reading AirPano: Travel Book 360°

London’s Tower Bridge Unveils Its New Glass Floor

From nearly 42 metres (138ft) above the Thames, visitors can watch the buzz of activity below as buses and pedestrians cross the historic Tower Bridge, boats sail under it and bascules are raised beneath their feet. While testing visitors’ nerves the floor offers a never-before-seen view of London life and is the most significant change to… Continue reading London’s Tower Bridge Unveils Its New Glass Floor

Beautiful Time-Lapse Compares Paris And New York City

Filmmaker Franck Matellini has created a clever time-lapse video that shows the beautiful similarities between Paris and New York City. The video shows the two popular cities in a split screen, side-by-side comparison between cultures, architecture, transportation and more.

The Eiffel Tower Gets A New Glass Floor

Eiffel Tower celebrates its 125th birthday with new see-through glass floor as part of a 38 million dollar face-lift. The glass floor will allow visitors to feel as if they are walking on air nearly 200 feet above ground. The glass floor was unveiled along with the new solar panels to provide half of the… Continue reading The Eiffel Tower Gets A New Glass Floor

The Pyramids of Giza On Google Maps

Google Maps has added photos of the Egyptian Great Pyramid of Giza to Street View. Visitors can zoom in on landmarks from above as well as see them from street level. In addition to the pyramids, they also captured photos of the Great Sphinx, the necropolis of Saqqara, the Citadel of Qaitbay, the Cairo Citadel, the Hanging Church and… Continue reading The Pyramids of Giza On Google Maps

Time-Lapse Video Of The Beautiful City Of Paris

An amazing time-lapse video “J’adore Paris” created by British photographer Paul Richardson that was shot during a three week trip to Paris.

Venice On Google’s Street View

Google’s Street View has taken us around the world to some of the most amazing destinations. You can traveling from Burj khalifa to Eiffel Tower in seconds, or just take a tour at the Lamborghini Museum. On Wednesday, Google launched the 360-degree Google Street View of Venice, covering some 426 Kilometers (265 miles) on foot and 183 Kilometers (114 miles) by boat. View Larger… Continue reading Venice On Google’s Street View